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      Natural, Organic, Nutritious, Healthy
          Pectin are polyoses which exist in the tissue of all terrestrial green plants. They are bonding materials in plants that combine water and plant cells.
      High methoxyl pectin (high ester) with more than 50% of esterfication degree
      Low methoxyl pectin (low ester) with less than 50% of esterfication degree
          Pectin is a natural food additive which is poison-free and harmless. Because of its excellent gelling, stabilizing, thickening and emulsifying properties, it has been widely used in foods, nutriments, health products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. As a high quality water-soluble dietary fiber, pectin is effective in removing heavy metals, balancing blood cholesterol, reducing blood sugar, reducing glucose and insulin concentration in blood serum after meal, and slowing assimilation of carbonhydrates after meal. In cosmetics, pectin can reduce the hazards of ultraviolet irradiation
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